Sometimes people come into your life unexpectedly and you know for a fact that they are there for a reason, to help us find meaning and purpose. Derick is one of those people. I was in a very dark place at the time and decided last minute to apply to this program not knowing what to expect. I never expected this to be one of the best decisions of my life. 

Derick has this unique gift to not only teach but to bring out something special within all of us. Every day challenged us mentally, physically and spiritually on a deeper level. I left the program a completely new dancer and person and I truly mean that. The repressed feelings and pain that haunted me for years completely left me. All through the power of the mind body connection we experienced throughout the entire week. I finally faced my demons. I finally found my inner peace and full acceptance within myself. Derick I owe my life to you. Thank you for saving me. But most importantly thank you for continuing to touch many others in your journey.

  • Tiff - Montreal Season I

The B.U.X. is a week I will cherish for life. We learnt to accept ourselves, feel vulnerable and connect with each other. Thanks to Derick, who put his heart and soul into bettering us and Alessia for all that you did behind the scenes and for being so kind to all of us. In under a week I felt rebooted, motivated and inspired to conquer the world and simply be ME! This short intensive is for any artist who wants to work on embracing their true artistic self.

  • Jacqueline - Montreal Season I

A première abord je ne savais pas à quoi m’attendre de cette expérience.  Je me suis simplement dis GO j’essaye. J’ai été agréablement comblé. Cette aventure m’a permis de grandir non seulement en t’en que danseuse mais également en t’en qu’humaine. Durant cette expérience j’ai sorti des anciens « démons » du placard pour qu’il soit enfin maîtrisés, j’ai reconnecter avec moi même et mon authenticité tout en ayant ue du plaisir avec chacun et chacune des participants. Je recommande à tout ceux qui ont la chance de faire ce programme de ne pas hésiter une seconde car je recommencerais n’importe quand. 




And having fun 

  • Solene - Montreal Season I

The B.U. Xperience is an experience like no other. I was actually really hesitant to apply for the program since I thought I wouldn't be accepted. Once I got the news that I was, it gave me a sense of hope that someone whom I hadn't met believed in my potential. During the week, I was pushed mentally and physically to acknowledge my own power and uniqueness. Derick pulled out aspects of myself as a dancer and a human that I didn't even know was there. He made me realize that all my experiences, all the people, good or bad, have helped me grow as a person and to let those experiences move you not hinder you. To be guided through a week by Derick was a gift and honour that I will never forget xx

  • Emma - Montreal Season I

When I first heard of The B.U. Xperience and that Derick was coming to Montreal, I immediately said to myself, this is it. This is my big break, to learn, to acknowledge, to process and to grow. I know this might sound cheesy but this experience really did change my life. It thought me to appreciate every single piece of the puzzle because it’s what makes you, U! It allowed for me to change my perception of myself and that immediately helped me with how I connect my mind, body and soul when I dance. The B.U. Xperience, truly allowed you for an entire weeks time to simply Be YOU, through every exercise we did and never did I feel embarrassed or scared to try something new. 

They are not many people out there these days that do incredible things for others, but Derick isn’t one of them. He took the time to share, to explain, to feel and try with all 13 of us! He gave me my freedom back. And I write this with tears coming down my face, Derick gave me the path to loving myself as a dancer again. He gave me a place to heal my woods, by allowing me to express how I got them through the words of dance. He supported us all, no matter what our story was and reminded us that there is nothing better in life but to stay True to who we are! 

Shortly after The B.U. Xperience, I went on to audition for the ISVP Broadway Dance Center 3 month Program in New York City and used my solo I created during my week with B.U.X and I got accepted! I am now living a dream of mine! 

All in all, I can talk about this experience literally for hours but all I can say to you is this, trust Derick in letting you get to your next step, trust me that this experience will definitely have an impact on you and trust yourself that if you give yourself the chance to be part of this experience, you will never feel happier just B.eing Y.ou!

  • Anna - Montreal Season I

The B.U. Xperience fostered a very open space, which allowed me to be vulnerable in my movement and explore myself as an artist in a free, uncensored way. The exercises encouraged me to push boundaries of how I thought of myself as a dancer, artist, and person. I appreciated the space that Derick created with his energy and concepts, and I feel as though most of the participants felt the same way because we all came out of it being very close to one another, even though we only spent 5 days together.

  • Simone - Montreal Season I

About two years ago I found Derick Robinson on social media and since then I’ve been his biggest fan. Derick has his own unique style and way of moving that no one else can match, so When I found out he was doing the B.U.X in Montreal I didn’t care when, where or what price I knew it was just something that I had to do. The first day of the B.U.X Derick was so welcoming and full of energy so I knew I had invested my time and money into something great that was going to benefit me. During the B.U.X Derick had us do exercises to understand our bodies and our minds and usually I feel very uncomfortable dancing and letting my thoughts out in front of people but Derick created such a safe space for everyone, that I let myself be vulnerable and express myself freely. Derick really made us understand that self love and confidence is something very important, and that we express who we are through our art. The B.U.X was the best week of my life. I think the B.U.X is one of the best intensives because you get 5 days of intense training “where it’s not who you dance for but what you dance for”.

  • Tyrese - Montreal Season I

The B.U. Experience founded by Mr. Derick “XclusiV” Robinson is an unusual 5 days intensive dance workshop for all dance students who genuinely wanted to grow in all aspects of dance. When I first heard of the launch of the program, I immediately wanted to attend because I know this is an invaluable learning opportunity that I won’t be getting from taking any ordinary dance classes. At the same time, I was very hesitated to apply for enrolment because I felt like this is a training program for the professional dancers only and I won’t be accepted due to my ignorance and inexperience in dance. Thankfully, I was encouraged by another dance teacher and a couple of my dance friends, I have set my mind to go for it. After all, I believed that it is the not so good dancers who needed training the most. My training started the minute I have started to prepare for the submission video for the program. It was a very challenging task for someone like me who is “camera-shy”, do not have any decent dance videos in stock, and never danced solo either in class or in private. The stress level for me was comparable to writing my Master Thesis. However, it was all worth it because I have learned through this process from video editing, background recording to practicing for the solo dance. My eyes were filled with thankful tears the moment I was reading the acceptance email from Mr. XclusiV at my desk at work.

During this 5 days intensive training, Mr. XclusiV had successfully created a safe and honest environment for each of us to explore our abilities & talent in dance. Although we are all coming from different backgrounds with different skill levels, we are all open-minded individuals. We learned, shared, laughed and cried together during this 5 days and everyone was so supportive and emotionally closed to each other. Being the most inexperienced dancer in the group, there isn’t a minute I felt not included or not a member of the gang. We all gotten an equal chance learning the quality and dynamics in movement including playing with musicality, intricate rhythm, intention & style, understanding the process of choreographic creation, getting hands on experience in choreographing our own piece and ample time for practicing our freestyling. Finally, the workshop was wrapped up by a performance showcase.

With the growth of the participant being the focus of this program, I was being pushed daily both mentally & physically, I have learned the importance to dance from our hearts with truth, with real emotion and discovered the importance of making the right choices for what I want to express when dancing. It was an unforgettable experience for me and I have already started preparing for my submission video for the Season II workshop. The BU Experience is not a training program to be missed.

  • Sandy - Toronto Season I

The B.U. Xperience is an amazing program that challenges you not only as a dancer but as a human as well. It pushes you to dance freely and genuinely and to express yourself in a safe and open space. The exercises that Derick guides you through forces you to trust yourself and your choices and push your limits through dancing. Derick is the most amazing teacher and he truly cares about everyone in the program and their growth and development.  The people who you do B.U.X with also become somewhat of a family and it’s always fun dancing with them after the program finishes

  • Kevin - Toronto Season I

Derick has been my mentor for many years now, and he's helped mold and shape me into the dancer I am today. That being said, the B.U. Xperience was a HUGE step in my personal growth as an artist. He not only challenges you on a dancing front, but will also test and push your mental and emotional limits. The program is absolutely incredible in helping you find yourself and it tears you down to build you back up stronger. Dance isn't always about the steps and Derick reminds you of that. This experience was a breath of fresh air and helped me reset, as well as push well past what I thought I was capable of. If you ever do get the chance to do this, just do it. Trust yourself, take that risk, and go live and grow. You will walk out of it a brand new person and dancer.

  • Mike - Toronto Season I